Madre de Dios River 3 Days / 2 Nights

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26 October, 2016
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Via Ferrata – Zip Line in the Sacred Valley
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Madre de Dios River

3 Days / 2 Nights

A luxuriant destination, with infinite forests and sinuous rivers folwing towards the ocean. Madre de Dios is a department where there is plentiful of life in every corner. Puerto Maldonado, the capital city, is a necessary step to enter a few national parks and reserves of the area. It has been, during different periods, an important rubber, wood, gold and oil exploitation center.

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Madre de Dios River (3 Days / 2 Nights)

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Know your route

Travel itinerary

Day 1

Reception at Puerto Maldonado airport. Transfer to our offices in the city to be coordinated. (The equipments that you won’t need during your stay may be stored in our storehouse). Free time to visit the Plaza de Armas of the city and take pictures from the Plaza Grau vantage point, admiring the confluence of two large rivers: Madre de Dios and Tambopata.
Boarding in the port of Capitanía, to head for our lodging: Corto Maltes. This will be a 40-minute journey, navigating on the Madre de Dios river in a typical boat from Amazonia.
Upon arrival at our destination, reception and welcoming drink. We will be accommodated in our bungalows, before heading for the dining room for a delicious lunch. Our kitchen stands out for the good taste of its presentation and flavors, thanks to the skill of our chefs.
After lunch, you will have time to go and stay in your rooms or to go bathing in the swimming pool.
In the afternoon, we will go to meet the Amazon rainforest for the first time. We will take a walk in the density to discover the large variety of medicinal plants, tropical trees, birds, insects, butterflies and other animals. Short stop at a vantage point to observe the passing of toucans, macaws and other birds.
When we are back at the Lodge, you will be able to enjoy a refreshing bath in the swimming pool, drink an exotic cocktail on the terrace-bar or go to the pier on the river to contemplate the sunset that invites to relaxing in the middle of mangos and palm trees.
During the night, before having dinner, we will go on a night outing on our boat for an entertaining “safari”, looking for the white caiman (scientific name) that lives on the banks of the river.
After dinner, time converse at the bar or terrace (the swimming pool is at your disposal) or to lie down under the night sky, to contemplate and greet the Southern Cross in the shining Amazonian sky.

Day 2

Very early in the morning, we will go on a 20-minute walk as far as the parrot clay lick, where at least five different species of those birds descend to eat a special clay, essential to their metabolism: a really wonderful and moving color show.
Trip back to the Lodge to enjoy our breakfast, and free time to wander around the splendid gardens and open spaces to appreciate dozens of varieties of exotic plants and native blossom trees.
In mid-morning, we will go to the pier to sail on the Madre de Dios river. We will go on an expedition to the Monkey Island, on which some species of those interesting and entertaining animals live in total freedom. After sailing for half an hour, we will enter on the Tambopata-Candamo National Reserve territory, walking 5 km through the luxuriant vegetation of the tropical forest. Gigantic trees, snakes, monkeys, birds, and even running jaguars can be observed in this forest.
Our destination is the idyllic Sandoval lake. In its privileged environment, numerous animal species coexist: birds (in particular pigs, kingfshers and anhingas), different monkey species (wasitas, cotomonos and capuchins). On the water, we will enjoy the spectacular show of the river wolves, caimans and piranhas (the anaconda (usually stealthier) can sometimes be seen). This is also where the gigantic paiche lives, a fish that can measure up to 2.50 m long and weigh more than 200 kg. Crossing the lake on a canoe as far as the Gateway of the Sun is an unforgettable show.
Back to the river at nightfall, we might be able to see some nocturnal animals.
After a day of intense activity, you will enjoy a rest in the lodging hammocks or will have a massage to get your strength back.
In the night, after our hectic day, we will appreciate the exotic flavors of the Amazonian food and desserts. You might then still have energy left to share music and talking moments at the bar, while flavoring a cocktail or listening to the sounds of the surrounding jungle from your hammock.

Day 3

After breakfast, we will head for the city to take our equipment. We will be able go have a quick look at the agricultural product market of the city. Our staff will then take you to the airport, from where you will be able to go to the next stop-off of your trip.
End of our services.

Room in cabins, food, all the transfers and boat journeys, the guide and all the activities described in the excursion.
Air tickets

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