3 Days / 2 Nights

Reception at the airport of the city of Iquitos, and transfer to the pier. (quick talk about the main touristic appeals of the city during the transfer)

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Day 1

Reception at the airport of the city of Iquitos, and transfer to the pier. (quick talk about the main touristic appeals of the city during the transfer). Saling on the Amazon river, the mightiest river of the world. You will appreciate the beauty of the river, the lushness of the jungle and the picturesque villages riverside dweller that strike with their characteristic color and joy. Arrival and accommodation at the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge, located 45 minutes away from Iquitos. The lodge was built in a native style, with natural materials, surrounded by trees, plants and flowers on a high ground, no liable to flooding or “sandbar”, on which a lot of varieties of birds and butterflies are present. Welcoming drink made of a fruit of the region (cocona, camu camu, cupuaçu, etc.) and quick explanation of the rules regulating the sustainability of the lodging and its environment, so that your stay and participation in the ecotourist activities are more gratifying. Eco-cultural tour (Ecosystem of the basin of the Sinchicuy river) Excursion by foot or in a canoe -if the season allows us to do so- to “New Peru”, where a community of the Yagua ethnic group is established. You will learn more about their ancestral customs, their original clothing made of palm tree fibers, and you will even have the opportunity to try your marksmanship with a “pucuna” (blowpipe). Lunch in the lodging. The gastronomy in the lodging shows in the use of a lot of natural and fresh products from the river and “chacra” (small farm). In the afternoon, guided ethnobotanical excursion. You will know species of the Amazonian vegetal kingdom, such as the Cat’s claw, Costus spicatus, Copaúva, Aguaje (palm tree), and even what is called “vine of the dead” or Ayahuasca. Visit to the local naturist (Shaman) who will explain the wonderful healing effects and use of some plants and roots. Tour through the riverside area of Santa María de Ojeal, where we will see productive activities set up by its people, such as the artisanal extraction of the sugar cane juice, the fruit orchards, the breeding of native species of fishes for consumption, the breeding of livestock (cross of zebu and Brown Swiss) y and artisanal fishing in the rivers. Interaction with the people of the community while seeing their typical houses, schools, churches and shops. Visit of the sustainability projects that are being developped by the community through ecotourism and the Centro de Rescate de Vida Silvestre (Rescue Center for Wild Life). Observation of beautiful dusk on the Amazon river. Night Excursion in a canoe or by foot to discover the en canoa o a pie para descubrir the mysterious world of the nocturnal insects, cicadas, spiders, praying mantis, etc. We will also distinguish the owls and “ayaymamas” (common potoo). After dinner and before going to bed, storytelling by the guides, based on stories and legends of the rich Amazonian mythology and/or a pleasant musical moment in the care of the lodging staff.

Day 2

Birds observation during the first hours of the morning (before 06:00 a.m.) Breakfast at the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge. After breakfast, transfer by boat to the other end of the Amazon river. On the way, we will have the opportunity to observe the maravellous river dolphins, protagonists of stories and tales of the Amazonian mythology. Flora and Fauna tour (Ecosystem of the basin of the Yanayacu river) Observation of typical plantations in the agricultural riverside area. Walk in the rainforest and sailing on the Yanayacu river in a boat or canoe, through the “Kingdom of the Giant Trees”. Observation of the rich birds fauna of the area. Observation of varieties of medicinal plants, epiphyte plants (bromelias) that grow at the top of the trees and giant flora, such as the tree-like species known as “lupuna” (Ceiba pentandra) that exceeds a height of 50 meters. Search of primates and slothes that change color in the forest. Lunch in the lodging. Fishing using native techniques to catch piranhas, mojarras (type of bream), lizas, and other ichthyological species for human consumption. In the afternoon, trip back to the lodging by boat. After a few free minutes to rest, we will participate in the “Planta un Árbol” (Plant a Tree) reforestation program, in an area near the lodging. Dinner in the lodging.

Day 3

Breakfast. Excursion to a riverside dweller community of the Amazon river. Breakfast at the lodging. In the afternoon, trip back to Iquitos, and transfer to the airport for your flight back. INCLUDES: Transfers airport / hotel / lodging / airport (land and river) 2-night accommodation in the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge All the meals in the lodging Excursions as detailed in the itinerary Guide in English and Spanish DOES NOT INCLUDE: Air tickets Tips Laundry Drinks at the bar.

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